A new digital experience for families

Powered by the Global Digital Platform, the Family Hub is now available for parents and family members of Northeastern students.

Introducing the New Family Hub

The Family Hub is a centralized online hub designed for those with a Northeastern undergraduate student. Its personalized view and relevant resources make it easier than ever to navigate the university and support your student throughout their Northeastern career.

Request Hub Access

Use the same Northeastern Family login information that you use to access the myNortheastern portal to access the Family Hub. Don’t have a Northeastern Family account yet? Your student can start the request to give you access.  

Hub Helpers

If you’re new to the Family Hub or simply want to explore new features, Hub Helpers is your go-to resource. Watch quick, informational how-to videos to discover the many key features available in the Family Hub and access Northeastern resources.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Family Hub? 

The Family Hub is a new online tool that consolidates information and resources in one location for family members of undergraduate students at Northeastern University.  

Where is the Family Hub? 

The Family Hub is located at home.family.northeastern.edu

Who can use the Family Hub? 

Parents, family members, and anybody else who may have an undergraduate student at Northeastern may use the Family Hub.  

How do I log in to the Family Hub? 

Use the same Northeastern Family login information that you use to access the myNortheastern portal to access the Family Hub. Use the Hub login link on this page to get started. If you don’t have a Northeastern Family account yet, your student will first need to go to accounts.northeastern.edu to request an account giving you access to their data.  

What can I do and find in the Family Hub? 

All family members with an account will see resource links, Northeastern Global News coverage, campus maps with restaurant and hotel information, and notifications. If your student grants you the “all access” level, you’ll also be able to see their course schedule, grades and transcripts, billing information, and methods to pay online, among other FERPA-protected information.  

If I have multiple Northeastern students, do I have multiple Hubs?  

No, you’ll be able to view information for each of your students within your Hub. Each student will need to individually request your account for them to appear in your Hub.  

Is the myNortheastern Family Portal still available? 

The Family Portal will remain available through March 2024. Beginning in April, the Family Hub will become the exclusive online home for family account holders.   

Where else can families go for updates and information about Northeastern University? 

Updates and information tailored for Northeastern parents and family members are available at news.northeastern.edu/parents and don’t require an account or login. An email signup is available to receive news and information directly to your inbox.  

How do I know what level of access I have?

Your views in the Family Hub will depend on which level of access your student has granted you, either general access or all access. If you have general access and attempt to view information that’s restricted to all access, you’ll receive an on-screen message to notify you and the opportunity to request access from your student. View How do I view student information from a Family/Other account? for more details.

What’s the difference between general access and all access?

General access gives family members and parents access to information not protected by FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act). This includes basic student information such as program of study, college, and email address; Northeastern Global News coverage; Resource links and notifications; Campus maps and travel information.

All-access gives family members and parents additional access to information that’s protected under FERPA. This includes course schedules, grades and transcripts, and billing and payment information.

I’m a student, how do I give my parent or family member access to the Family Hub?

A family member or parent must have a Northeastern family account to access the Family Hub. To open an account for a family member, visit accounts.northeastern.edu, find Family/Other Accounts, and select Request Access. Follow the instructions and hit save. Visit How do I request and claim a Family/Other account? for complete instructions.

I’m a student and would like to manage the family account associated with my student information. How do I do that?

Visit How do I manage my Family/Other Account? to learn how to resend or delete a claim request, modify the associated account and its access, or revoke access.